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Become A Romance Writer!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an accomplished author, the Write Romance Fiction certified course gives you the vital training you need to succeed as a romance writer.

Delivered in an easy-to-follow format, you’ll discover how to write and publish everything from chart-topping contemporary romance through to red-hot erotica!

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a romance… if your head is swimming with love stories… but you can’t seem to get them onto paper… if you’ve written ‘the end’, but can’t find a publisher… then this course is for you.

You’ll learn exactly how to hone your craft, creating heroines that readers will root for and heroes that will sweep them off their feet. Discover how to conjure believable settings, add drama to dialogue, transform daydreams into solid plots, and so much more.

Beautifully designed and laid out in a clear, concise format, we guide you through every single step of your writing journey – from crafting exciting, addictive romance right up to getting published and beyond.

Short stories, novels, novellas, articles, anthologies – you’ll discover it all in the Write Romance Fiction online course.

“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Over the years I have spent a fortune on writing classes, some with personal 1-on-1 support, yet the sheer quality of this romance course surpasses these. The detail and quality of training is really phenomenal. The insider’s tips and ideas have inspired me no end. Worth every penny!!”

Lou Cooke
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“This course so far is definitely worth completing if you have no experience with writing romance.”

Arlene Grubb
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“As an established romance writer, I appreciated the way the course defines terms in romance and explained sometimes subtle but important differences. I’m looking forward to continuing, and I’m confident I will learn new things of value about the world and craft of writing romance.”

Kat Faitour
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“Concise and detailed. Extremely helpful and quick response team when I had a problem logging in. I am very, very happy to be taking this course!”

Cristine Seeber
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“I have bought and joined many other writing courses, but if I have to pick one that stands out as being the ultimate and best – this is the one. Detailed and in-depth on every aspect you could wish for. Plenty of ideas and inspiration to take you step-by-step to creating your own best-selling romance.”

Ewa Griffiths
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“So far I am finding this course extremely enjoyable and I’m excited to have completed module 1, and I’m very much looking forward to working my way through the other modules.”

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