The frosty stars glittered like snowflakes in the dazzling moonlight,as the Snow Queen’s sledge glided silently across the inky midnight sky.Conflicted by the strange,inflamed feelings about her secret,she jarred as her hard,icy heart gave a sharp crack.Looming in the distance were the two peaks of the black cauldrons.Tentatively,the Snow Queen halted,waiting soundlessly in anticipation,her chilling breath forming gleaming diamonds in the freezing zephyr around her.
Suddenly,a giant,blinding flare of firey orange shot up from Mount Vesuvius,it’s brilliance illuminating the indigo sky brighter than the Aurora Borealis.Spellbound,the Snow Queen gazed at her blazing Fire King,roaring and crackling like a mighty inferno before her.Unseen in the distance,she jolted as her glacial heart ignited and splintered,an icicle snapping in her chest,as her Fire King’s searing heat spread and warmed her crisp,glinting skin.Entranced by the gargantuan dancing flames,the Snow Queen slowly smiled,edging ever closer to her Fire King.So enchanted by him was she that she was unaware of her snowy skin slowly starting to melt.
Suddenly,an enormous spark flew up from Mount Etna,a flashing meteor ablaze,scorching the navy sky.The Snow Queen stopped abruptly,unprepared for this event.Chilled to the bone,she watched,frozen,as the Fire Queen combusted amongst the glimmering stars.Bewitched by her flaming brilliance,the Fire King smiled at the smouldering Fire Queen in front of him.Unable to resist each others blinding light,they passionately embraced,brightening the night sky in a sea of flames.
Wounded by his betrayal,the Snow Queen startled,her spiky heart shattering like glass into a million silver shards.Her glacial strength fading,she gently picked up a handful of the mirrored shards in her gloved hand,her thwarted appearance reflected back at her.
“MY QUEEN!” roared the Fire King.The Snow Queen raised her head weakly locking eyes with her Fire King.He burst forth in shock,his burning eyes hot with guilt.Thawing under his heat,the Snow Queen sat rigid,clinging onto her remaining strength.”My love…it is only you,my Queen!” he lied.The Fire Queen’s face twisted in fury at his treachery.Seething,she leapt towards him,setting the cosmos alight.
With the last of her strength,the Snow Queen raised her slippery gloved hand.”Goodbye,my love,” she breathed,gently blowing the silver shards towards the colossal bonfire.Dancing like crystals,the shards transformed into a snow flurry,engulfing the flames in a bitter blizzard.The Fire King and Queen wailed and recoiled as the vicious hailstones whipped them,their sizzles drowned out by the howling winds of the snowstorm.Flaming bodies fading to embers in the avalanche,their terror-stricken faces plummeted back down into their black cauldrons.With renewed vigour,the Snow Queen smiled wryly,watching the sparkling sleet slide over each mountain peak,freezing the gently glowing dying lights inside their iceberg tombs forever.

Submitted by:

Lyndsey Milne