The Snow Queen’s palace was truly something to behold. It had been formed out of glistening, white snow, and the windows and doorways had been cut away by icy winds. The palace itself was miles long, and was built on the edge of an ice shelf, so it overlooked the entire kingdom on one side, and a large, shimmering lake on the other. The rooms in the palace were all very large and empty, which made them feel even more icy and cold than they already were. But at night when the Northern Lights would shine, every room in the palace lit up with shimmering brilliance and reflected a beautiful rainbow of colour.
The Snow Queen had built her palace here for one reason only; to be able to see those lights, which were her last link to her one true love.
A decade ago, when the Snow Queen was just a young woman, she had been friends with another young woman in the kingdom, Aurora. Though not a member of the royal family, Aurora’s family was very well-respected, and could trace their lineage back to some of the first magical peoples in the entire Kingdom. This friendship quickly blossomed into love, and the two women became inseparable. But Aurora’s Uncle, a very powerful Warlock, had a very ancient view of the world and did not approve of their relationship, so he put a curse on both women. The Snow Queen was cursed with loneliness; she would never again be able to see her true love’s face, nor hear her voice in her ear, nor feel her warm touch on her skin. And Aurora, for her punishment, was cursed to become something other than human, so that her Uncle could be certain the two women could never again hold each other. But her wicked Uncle also made sure that the Snow Queen would be able to see Aurora’s presence every night, only to be unable to touch her or talk to her, thus torturing her for eternity. And though he tried and tried, the Warlock could not take away Aurora’s beauty and light, even with a very powerful curse. The wicked man had turned his niece into one of the most beautiful sights in the world; the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.
After that, the Snow Queen spent every night for weeks sitting on the frozen lake, waiting for the lights to start so she could catch a glimpse of her true love. After learning that people in the Kingdom could hear her cries of woe, she decided that the lake was no place to mourn; so she built her palace. The Snow Queen designed the palace so that no matter where she stood inside its walls, and no matter how high or low the lights rose in the heavens, they could still be seen, and would be reflected throughout the icy halls of the palace, allowing the Snow Queen to bask in Aurora’s beautiful, glowing light for all eternity.

Submitted by:

Shelby Molyneaux