Blind Snow Queen
Once upon a time, a young couple, named Gerda and Tay, were skating merrily around the frozen river, that flowed between their houses. They stopped —- a roar of hooves parted hazy clouds. “ How dare you ! “ screamed the Snow Queen “
“Go! “ Tay shrieked. Legs crisscrossed, skating, pulling Gerda. As the Snow Queen sped forward, she roared in temper, “ You shall not show love! “ Smashing a mirror, made up of dark wizardry spells. Shards pierced Tay’s eye. He pushed Gerda out of harm’s way, as fragments rained down, piercing his heart. Flopping down, he turned grey. Gerda cried out“ Noooooooo! “ My beautiful Tay ! “ she skated back, knelt, cradling his freezing head in her hands, He slowly opened his eyes; Gerda drew in her breath,…….. she screamed! They were as black as coal.
The Snow queen swooshed past in her sleigh, yanking up Tay, somersaulting him into the back. cracking her whip they sped off“. You’re mine now,! You will not feel again until you can find two identical snowflakes! “ This, of course, is impossible as none are the same.
Gerda set off, coming across a castle with a gang of ravens squawking, in harmony at the door. “My, you sound beautiful,”
. “well, doodle-e-do, thank you doodle-e-dooooo! “, They all harmonized, “ Do you want to sing with us? “
“ I would love to, but I have to find my Tay,” she smiled. After describing him, the Ravens searched the castle, squawking Taaaay,!Taaaaaay! No one came forward. “We will take you to the old enchantress ‘s garden, “ they beckoned.
They came to a river: “ Gift ! “ the river gurgled She threw in four gold coins. A raft appeared, with a pole across the front. All five ravens flew past as she stepped on. Beaks open, gripping the pole, wings flap her across.
A reindeer splashed past; a villain girl riding him halted them. Hearing her plight, she gave Gerda the reindeer and stole the raft. Passing through the enchanted garden, his antlers were adorned, with red roses of love. Gerda received the Enchantress’s hand mirror.
Onwards crashing through the Snow Queens palace. Gerda,s hand mirror reflected, blizzard, spinning spells. Rose thorns spun, spiking the Snow Queens eyes; blinding her. Gerda pulled Tay up and galloped home. His heart now melted by love, they wedded. Hearts entwined, for all eternity.

The End

Submitted by:

Karen Miell