Sarah was a young girl in a beautiful castle that always felt of spring. She was to inherit the throne as she was born only five minutes before her sister Elaine.
One day while playing Elaine took a fall from a large tree. Sarah was sure her sister was dead so she raced back home as fast as her feet would carry her to get help. She led her parents to where Elaine was laying under the tree.
When they returned to the castle and found Elaine would be okay her parents scolded her. She was supposed to be queen and responsible, yet she almost killed her sister.
Many weeks later when Elaine was better, she had refused to talk to Sarah ever again. Sarah grew up alone with only bees to keep her company. She loved to talk to them near the hive. She would watch them dance around the flowers and often sing to the queen bee.

Many years later, Sarah and Elaine were introduced in court; they were to find husbands worthy of the crown. Many men asked them to dance at ball after ball. Sarah began to grow fond of Mr. Edwards’ conversations. He spoke of places Sarah had only dreamed of seeing. So she would listen as they danced and he described each city with such detail it was like she was there. He promised to take her around the world, and Sarah fell more in love with him with each dance.
When she got back to the castle after a night of dancing, she would go to the hive to tell the bees everything she had heard.
One night Mr. Edwards asked, “Would you marry me?”
“Yes,” Sarah said.
But her parents refused to give their blessing. Sarah was shocked, how could they disapprove of him?
“Please,” Sarah begged. “I love him; he makes me happy.”
“If you marry him,” her father said, “you will no longer become queen.”
“I never wanted it anyway.”
Sarah ran from the palace to find Mr. Edwards. She told him they could run away and see the world together. Mr. Edwards smiled sadly at her and said, “If you are not to be queen, I do not wish to marry you.”
Sarah’s heart was still broken when Elaine became queen. Once she had the crown, she declared she was to marry Mr. Edwards. Sarah’s heart broke all over again. She ran to the hive where she had spent many hours and told the bees. The bees began to dance around her. The queen bee emerged from the hive.
“You must freeze your heart.” The queen said. “We will follow you.”
The queen flew to her and stung her on her ring finger. With the queen’s sting, she felt herself begin to freeze, her heart becoming ice, so she didn’t feel. The bees that danced around her started to freeze and turn into giant snowflakes.
She was now the ruler of winter, The Snow Queen.

Submitted by:

Tabatha Hansen