Thousands of snow flakes fell on the frozen land, ever since the Snow King declared there to be eternal frost. He was most cruel and ravaged with hatred, and the poor people didn’t know how to speak with their King, as he locked himself in an icy castle on top of the highest mountain. Several tales made its way into the kingdom, as to who had upset their dear king so. But one tale stuck out of them all – a tale about a beautiful maiden. A few winters ago, a young maiden named Gerda came to tend to the King’s gardens. She was unlike any other woman there- free spirited, did what she wanted to and when she wished to. One cold winter morning, when she started planting roses, the Snow King crossed her path. He was surprised to see the roses, which most definitely didn’t grow in the icy garden. But as he took a liking to the maiden, he ordered his snowy bees to tend to them. And so every morning, the Snow King and Gerda met, both tending to the roses which bloomed beautifully in the winter time. They became inseparable, talking about everything they wished. Everyone in the kingdom had learnt of their closeness, including Gerda’s oldest friend Kai. As children, they were inseparable as well, but as time went by and Gerda accepted the position at the King’s gardens, they grew apart, and their love faded. Yet Kai never forgot about it, and drunk with envy, he kidnapped her. As soon as the Snow King noticed her disappearance, the kingdom became aware, in search for her, but Kai had already spread some untruthful tales. “The King doesn’t want anyone else to have her, so he killed her!” He sang. The King covered all of the lands in snow, for as the people believed he had a heart of cold. Desperate and ready to surrender, the King went to the river and offered its crown, but in exchange for his humbleness, the river told him that the girl lives. He went back to his garden, where every but one rose have died. The snowy bees tended to that garden, and they seemed to fly with the rose dust back to the town. “A beautiful maiden asked us to keep it alive,” they told the Snow King. He follows them back into the town, dressed as an ordinary man. He walks for days, and his powers grow weaker, but the snow storm grows stronger. The snowy bees take him to a house built of mirrors, where he finds Gerda sitting, bewitched and dazed. “The poisonous splinter got in to her eye, she forgot you, as she forgot me before!” Kai laughs. The King hands Gerda the last rose, and as he leaves, Gerda says: “I remember the garden with roses.” The King turns back, giving her one last kiss, shedding a tear, which falls into her eye. It takes away the spell and Gerda remembers her love.

Submitted by:

Karin Markovic