Kayl and Garda have been classmates since grade school.
Kayl had a disfigured face because his father hit him when he was young while he tried to protect his mother from being hit herself by his father.
His classmates didn’t know about problems at home. His teachers did but did not know how to explain something so intimate and violent to his classmates. They simply said: he fell into a deep ravine and cut himself from the thrushes.
Each day, after school Garda and Kayl would go by the lake behind their houses and Kayl would see his face clear in the water as though it were a mirror. Garda said: It doesn’t matter to her. Kayl finally told her the truth about what his father did to him and why. Garda wept tears that summoned a beautiful woman to rise from the lake. She told them she lived at the bottom of the lake and that they could play down there without drowning.
They swam down to the bottom of the lake and found a palace of mirrors so shiny they rang like bells as they shimmered beneath the lake where the light of the sun could reach it and create flashes of light. There they played each day after school where time did not answer to the ordinariness of a clock so that when they went back up after play, time was still the same.
Each winter, the palace rose high up to the surface of the lake for them to play and skim against the surface of the lake. In the mirrors, Kayl did not have a disfigured face and he could forget how life was at home. The Snow Queen, for that was who she was, invited him to live with her and be her son for she so wanted one and he was the perfect son, so protective of his mother. He thought about it, forgetting his own mother and seeing only the perfection of his face. Garda became jealous of the Snow Queen for by this time, they have grown and she was had fallen in love with Kayl.
Garda said: remember you own mother Kayl. Who will protect her from your father?
And to this Kayl replied: but here I am perfect, I am loved, I am well fed and happy.
Garda looked away and the icy mirrors crumbled apart about them for it was the power of her love, after all that had summoned the Snow Queen to rise and give them the space and time to play and develop their love.
The Snow Queen crashed into a million slivers of mirrors that belonged to the Gods who wanted the mortals to experience the ephemeral quality of mirrors and their deceptive ways.
Finally Garda looked back and realized she loved him this way and kissed him.

Submitted by:

Shalom Aranas