Three p.m. Four more hours left. 

It was all going well. Kai, my coworker, was collecting orders faster than the speed of light. I was frying and mixing like never before. Customer after customer, all satisfied. 

Until she walked in. 

‘She’ being the manager. The demon woman, God’s arch nemesis. 

She strolled into the bar, her blonde hair flying behind her, eyes full of mischief. We held our breath. 

She tapped her newly manicured fingers on the table and flashed us her worst smile. The smile. 

“It smells disgusting in here!” she exclaimed, scrunching her nose.

“I can’t smell anything,” I whispered.

“Of course you don’t, Gerda,” she replied, and then laughed that awful laugh of hers – as if a hyena had had a child with an elephant. “Well? Get to work, idiots!” she yelled.

The world seemed to have slowed down. Kai stumbled over his letters and I occasionally picked up an order that said “fryjes and borger”. He was lucky she couldn’t see that. 

My hands were suddenly experiencing more slip ups, and fries started flying. I could feel her glare at me.

She sat there for an hour, unmoving, just staring at us. The clock seemed to move even slower than usual – minutes now lasted hours, and hours now lasted days. I felt as if I was stuck in a void of never ending embarrassment. 

That was until the Snow Queen walked in. The Snow Queen being Elisa- and her nickname being partly because of how similar her name was to Elsa, and partly because she made the best ice cream out of all of us. 

Upon seeing the Elisa, the demon stood up.

“What brings you here, Elena?” she asked, circling Elisa like a boxer in a ring. Elisa, determined not to lose a fight, began doing the same. 

“It’s Elisa, and you damn well know it is. What brings you here?” Elisa asked, her voice on the edge of being threatening. 

“I’m the boss, I’m allowed to come in whenever I want!” she sneered, smirking. 

“Are you sure? Because my father here has just come to fire you!” Elisa said, laughing. She pointed at a tall man behind her. 

She stared at Elisa, clearly stunned. Her manicured fingers looked for a place to tap, but she was in the middle of the floor, with no tables in sight. And then, she fainted. 

And that’s the end of the story really. Well, not quite – Elisa and Kai ended up getting married, after accidentally touching hands while cleaning Kai’s spilled Coke, and they disappeared. I went on a search for them – Kai had been, my favourite co worker after all – and I encountered quite an adventure along the way. 

 We hadn’t thought much of Elisa when we began working with her – she was the daughter of a major businessman, and all the adults in town saw her as a terrible influence – ‘money gets to kids’ they told us when she dyed her hair blue. ‘She’s never going to have any real friends’ they said when she was caught trespassing. In the end, we hailed her as our hero – the very much spoken of blue haired girl who had saved us from a real life demon. 

Submitted by:

Martyna Pawlak