The Snow Queen

by Taylor Molyneaux

Kai was in love with the Snow Queen Gerta. Everyone else was afraid of her powers, but not Kai. He looked into her ice blue eyes and knew that he could never love anyone else.

As he was patrolling the grounds, Kai overheard some women talking about the queen.

“I don’t understand why we had to leave the castle.” The first woman said.

“If they tell us to leave, we leave. It’s not as if the queen is in any danger. Just be grateful for the time off.” Said the second woman. “Even if the snow seems to be getting worse…”

She was right, the snow usually fell lightly around the grounds. Now, it was almost a blizzard. The last time Kai had seen the weather this bad was when the King (Gerta’s father) had passed. Kai knew what this meant. Gerta was upset. She needed him.

Kai raced to the castle as fast as he could. The wind was blowing so hard that he felt as if his face was being torn to shreds. No matter how cold or sore he was, Kai knew he had to reach Gerta. He had to help her.

After what felt like hours, Kai finally reached the castle. He walked up to the front doors and realized not only were the doors left open but there were no guards. Everyone had left her.

Kai raced to the queens chambers. When he arrived, he threw the doors open and saw Gerta standing in front of her mirror.

“I knew you would come for me.” Said Gerta.

She walked over the Kai and took his hand.

“Come, look into this mirror. Tell me what you see.”

Kai walked over and stood in front of the mirror. He was confused. He saw himself standing there but no one else. No matter how close Gerta stood to him, she would not appear in the mirror.

“What kind of magic is this?” Asked Kai. “How is it that you are standing next to me, yet the mirror does not show you?”

Gerta smiled her beautiful smile and stood next to mirror, facing Kai.

“This mirror was very special to my mother. It helped her to rule.” Gerta explained. “In this mirror, you will see your biggest fear. Your worst nightmare.”

“How does this explain what I see?” Asked Kai.

“Easy,” Stated Gerta. “You’re biggest fear is not injury, or poverty, or even death. It’s living without me.”

Kai blushed. He had loved Gerta for years but had never told her so.

“I know this is your biggest fear Kai. Because it is the same as mine.”

Kai smiled at Gerta and pulled her close. He had waited for this moment his entire life. He grabbed her face and pulled it to his. He kissed her and it was more than he could have ever imagined. He knew what this feeling was. It was love and he knew it would never leave them.

Submitted by:

Taylor Molyneaux