The world of Toandfro was under the curse of Love’s broken mirror. This is the story of what came from the wizards Love and Logic and how their creations come together so naturally.

Angel, the child of Logic, was unaffected by the broken mirror’s refection. He still saw how truly beautiful the world is. Lorn, the child of Love, was most affected by the mirror’s power, showing her the image of Angel Souls in all the playmates she came across.

Angel was beastly, yet he was passionate and considerate; Lorn was lovely, yet she was calculating and insensitive.

Ms. Twinkler became a superstar. Many idolized her. For everyone in ToandFro knew that one gaze from the famed Lorn Twinkler would cause the person to feel supremely loved. Mr. Souls became an inspiration. He was not famous. One hug from Mr. Souls and a person could see how truly lovely the world is.

Ms. Twinkler had all the riches and wants in the world. Yet somehow, her heart was sad and lonely. For each time she met a love interest all she saw was the image of the one born to be her mate. Being made from the sadness of Love, Love’s power flowed through her; and thus, in her veins she knew, every time, that what she felt wasn’t what Angel Souls would feel like. Each time this happen her heart grew a little colder.

Mr. Souls had all the freedom and joy in the world. Yet somehow, in his mind a yearning pushed him to keep going forward. As a result, he found himself in a crowd. He wondered what all the fanfare was for. Then he discovered a lorn twinkler, in the center of all the commotion. Instantly his mind knew that “the” Lorn Twinkler he awed upon was all he needed.

He made himself pass all the others and showed himself to her. Instantly they connected. A whirlwind of Love and Logic blew the world away as they watched a lonely star and a lovely beast consummate.

Ms. Twinkler couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Doubt loomed in her head for she was a logical creature. This love didn’t make sense. She didn’t want to be tricked by Love’s magic once more.

She pushed him away with a wall of ice and snow. When the blizzard subsided the children of Love and Logic were separated. The choice had left Lorn’s heart so bitter and frozen that she had become the Ice Queen.

Determined, Angel would hunt for her once more and thus ensued the adventure of their life. In order to keep her, Angel Souls will create a magic stronger than both Love and Logic. That’s a story for another time.

Submitted by:

Joe Hinostro