Snowflakes are like humans – no two are the same, but this is where the similarities end…
Sculpted, with imagination, love & magic, each snowflake has a soul. Ruled by the Snow Queen, snowflakes are called White Bees. She’s ensures every snowflake’s story’s beautiful; but her story’s tragic.
Many moons ago, Snow Queen Odetta, was cursed by a Wicked; Wickeds are evil creatures that live in the underworld. Sickened by Odetta’s goodness, they decided to punish her with immortality; forever exiled & isolated in Lapland.
Odetta shared a daughter, Rose, with her husband. Rose matured & found love, married & had children. Rose now lives with her granddaughter, Gerda.
Throughout time, Odetta’s learned to control her powers, building herself an ice castle & discovering she could create snowflakes & even become a snowflake herself! Odetta’s mastered flower enchantment, enabling her to see & hear through them; Odetta enjoys watching her family through flowers. Odetta can shapeshift & create living snowcreatures, bewitching them with souls.
Watching Gerda & Kai play, Odetta noticed shards of glass in the wind. One shard fell into Kai’s eye, another punctured his heart.
Odetta remembered the snowflakes discussing a ‘Mirror of Evil’, created by the Wickeds, she’d heard the rumour, that it’d shattered & scattered, transforming love into hate. Odetta stepped outside, to learn how to defeat the Mirror;
“Only love, can thaw a frozen heart,” the Snowflakes answered.
Gerda’s the only one who can save Kai. Odetta’s powers run through her descendents, meaning Gerda should have powers like Odetta. To activate Gerda’s powers, Odetta devised a series of challenging obstacles.
Odetta made a snow-Odetta – a temporary solution to stop the Wickeds noticing her absense. Odetta engineered a sleigh from ice, pulled by snowracehorses & departed for Kai.
Immediately Kai saw the sleigh & tied his sled to Odetta’s sleigh, to be pulled along; Odetta navigated home. Upon arrival, Odetta used magic to stop him feeling cold & erased his memories, so he wouldn’t long for home.
Gerda marched to the river of melted snowflakes, it carried Gerda downstream, to an snow-built unmeltable cottage. Shapeshifting into an old woman, Odetta invited Gerda inside.
Gerda overcame the ‘old woman’s’ challenges, as she did with subsequent challenges, including surviving Bandits – but this challenge was unplanned. Odetta sent snowflakes whispering into a sleeping Bandit’s ear, showing her the virtues of goodness. When the girl awoke, she freed Gerda & Reindeer Bo, so they’d help eachother.
When Gerda & Bo reached Lapland; Odetta manipulated the snowstorm into revealing one path for Gerda & Bo.
Bo escorted Gerda to the castle gates. Behind the gates were gargantuan snowsoldiers, wearing ice-armour.
Now a snowflake, Odetta witnessed Gerda’s breath form angels, who slayed the snowsoldiers.
Odetta floated into the castle, to watch the friend’s reunion. Gerda dissolved the Mirror of Evil, with her love.

Submitted by:

Jennifer Cranston