“Pray, hang on, brave hunter!”
“No!” A horde wailed in an unearthly sound while a snowy blast uplifted a desperate soul hanging by his ice pick on the side of a pitch-dark rift. “Abyss, he must go! The Abyss, my Fairy Queen, be free from this human!”
Hazel eyes narrowed as frosty lips pursed. “Be silent, my goblins! You were not ordered to discard this traveler!”
“He’s just like the others!” The horde cried in unison all the same.
Pale hands placed the unconscious human safely on thick snow before directing the current of power towards those of ignorant and cruel minds. “Silence! He spoke nothing of marriage like those who dared come before!”
The servants of winter trembled to the harsh wind stinging their faces. “Forgive us!”
A head of silver-blonde curls soon bobbed in satisfaction and the furious wind dissipated. Small heads and eyes looked at each other in confusion to the unusual mercy, but the goblins dared not speak.
Winter’s ruler stepped forward and knelt by the battered and bruised human’s side. “What have you done to me?” She whispered. “You, sir, who came, spoke nothing of your desires…and yet….” She leaned forward and framed the human’s face with her eternally chilled hands. “What is it about you?”
A wolf’s howl echoed in the distance, but the fairy kept still.
‘Wake. Kind Huntsman.’ The fairy silently commanded her spell.
He, however, remained, his eyes closed.
Snow-laden pines creaked while birds took flight, but the fairy kept still.
Her dainty hands gave no healing light and soon a chill ran down her spine.
‘It’s…so very…’
“C-Cold.” The queen looked at her numbing fingers turning a sickly white. “Cold?”
“Your Majesty, you’re shaking,” a timid goblin spoke up, “…are you all rig-?”
“I’m fine!” She barked, looking over her shoulder. “Stay back!”
The mountains echoed her words, the wind flurried around her velvet robes, yet, the goblins began to murmur nervously.
“Your hair, my Queen,” one servant remarked.
“Your skin, my Queen,” piped another.
“The ground around you, my-”
Tears stung the corners of her angry eyes. “Silence! I’m trying to save him- I!” She cried and pinched her eyes shut as she clutched her bosom, her new heart’s rhythm pounding in her ears.
“My Qu-!”
“I must! I will forever try!” She swore, shouting to the starry heavens, ignoring the masses’ plea.
Tiny, silvery-purple flowers and lively grass sprung within a golden glow in a miraculous swoosh of old magic, surrounding the surprised ruler’s knelt form.
‘W-What?! M-My hair is now black! My skin…warmth?!’ She frantically thought.
Within a glimpse of irony, the fairy froze to the rough and sleepy greeting and silently watched a large, gloved, hand rise to touch her tan-from-pale cheek.
The human weakly smiled. “D-Don’t believe…I’ve y-your name,” he chattered.
Her Majesty let out a sigh as her hazel eyes met a kind green. “Edelweiss…my huntsman,” she wept in relief, placing her hand over his. “You are safe now.”

Submitted by:

Ashley Scheller