‘I know I’m from Finland but that witch is definitely after your man.’

‘She’s too old for Kaine and we’re madly in love,’ said Gabriella.

‘Right, children, places on stage.’

‘Here’s yappy Snow Queen now; gives me shivers she does.’

‘Shush, Sofia, she’ll hear you.’

‘Let’s get this dreadful rehearsal going.’

‘Yes Crystal, right away.’

‘Kaine, I mean, Mr Kay, is the stage ready?’

‘All set Gabriella. Children, start with the boy in the snow meeting the Snow Queen. Her magic has him under her spell. Sprinkle snow, ACTION.’

‘Not as bad as I thought,’ said Crystal going onstage. ‘Let me move my mirror a bit.’


‘Clumsy me; Mr Kay are you hurt?’

Kaine rubbed frantically at his eyes.

‘Hell’s Bells, I can’t see.’

‘Let me look,’ said Crystal.

‘It’s bloody freezing, who turned the heat off?’

‘I’ve never heard Kaine swear before. What’s got into him?’ asked Sofia.

‘He’s collapsed. Move aside Crystal,’ said Gabriella.

‘I’m your boss, you step aside.’

‘Not this time Crystal. I’m the registered first-aider here, so take the children, phone 999 and get some accident forms.’

‘Kaine can you hear me?’

Gabriella leaned close to Kaine’s mouth. He was not breathing. She checked for signs of obstruction. A few bits of glass were wedged in his cheek which she gently removed.

‘Sofia, hold this hanky inside Kaine’s mouth to stem the bleeding.’

Gabriella listened hard for a heartbeat.

‘Charlotte Brown, run to the office and fetch the real boss; tell her this is an emergency and I’m starting CPR.’

‘Come on Kaine, you can do this. Breathe.’

No response.

Gabriella pushed harder on his chest and breathed for her darling man.

‘I’m not giving up on you; you’re far too young to die. I just won’t let you go!’

She pushed and breathed and said, ‘stayin alive, stayin alive,’ as the sounds of sirens crept into Gabriella’s head and her sweat and tears fell on Kaine. The boss ran into the drama room with the paramedics.

‘We’re here Gabriella, it’s ok you can hand over to the ambulance crew now.’

Gabriella stood up in what seemed like slow-motion as Crystal held out an accident form. Crystal’s eyes were as cold as ice as she said,

‘Accidents happen. No-one’s to blame.’

The paramedic said,

‘Sorry, he was hit by a shard of glass in his heart. I’m afraid he’s dead.’

Everyone seemed frozen with shock. Gabriella fell to her knees kissing Kaine’s ice cold lips as hot tears fell on him. She kissed his frozen eyes and howled into his unmoving chest.

‘You can’t be dead when everything around us is still the same. We’ve our whole lives to live. This is not our eternity.’

At the use of that word, Kaine coughed and breathed once more. His eyes opened like he was emerging from a trance. His smile told Gabriella her Kaine was back.

‘Grow old with me Gabriella, but let’s stay young at heart.’

‘Crystal,’ said the boss, ‘You’re fired!’

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