Everyone one has their own secrets ,the own life experience that they share with their loved ones good memories ,bad memories and many more but the feeling,the essence of love is one thing that bring people close and soon or later they became soulmates
Exactly,what actually same happened with Ellie,a girl with lot of ambition lots of dreams but soon and later he also feel in love with Harry which she used to consider her entire world .
Their love story began with an unusual eye contact each in the late night winter snow fall they looked each other and some how feel connected to each other and the very next day they Ellie joined a new school and there she was amazed to se harry .Harry was the most popular guy and a bright student of the school for him his goals his Carrer was more important he fell in love with Ellie , firstly he made Ellie as his friend and later on he confessed her what he actually feels for her everything was going smoothly but it’s love heart breaks are there suddenly a girl named Kate came in their life harry got attracted towards her which Ellie doesn’t like and having fight regarding hlthe situation but it’s truly said if you love something and want it with all your heart you get it that what actually happened with Ellie and harry,their love win over their breezed and cooled fights and they promised each other to never ever get away from each other no matter what and that’s how their love become a true spirit for every couple falling in love with each other .
That’s how with a beautiful kiss in the snowfall and ended saying”you are my snow queen and I am your gentleman”
This how their love become a dark secret and a amazing journey for them with beauty of love????‍❤‍????❤?

Submitted by:

Bhavika Jain