The prince was foretold that it was his destiny to meet a Princess, fall in love and live happily ever after. But for this particular prince, legends of snow whites beauty; hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, all of which meant nothing to him. By order of the king, he was to awaken her from the curse with a single solitary kiss and forge their two kingdoms with matrimony.
The prince grimaced at his plan, for he had no intention of falling in love, the mear thought of setting his lips upon a woman brought him to almost wretch. On approaching the top of the hill, he gazed to the adjacent meadow, the setting sun gleamed upon the glass coffin. Like a beacon, men from across the land journeyed to gaze at her still, silent beauty.
His eyes squinted against the rays, he could see the contrast of her pale skin against her ebony hair, even from such a distance he felt the divide, the conflict in his heart suffocated against his destiny as the Prince.
He stood for a moment in reflection, approaching footsteps from behind startled him, on turning around he was greeted by a tall figure shrouded in a tattered black hooded robe, carrying a crooked staff. The figure took several steps before halting, the prince’s eye caught sight of a red wax skull perched at the end of the staff.
The recognition of the insignia brought a smile to his lips,
” Ah, you must be the necromancer I requested, I have to admit, I was skeptical when I heard of such dark magic.”
” And yet, you readily believe that a poisoned apple can force one’s self into an eternal slumber, only to be awakened by true loves kiss, without the mere raise of an eyebrow?”
A hint of arrogance resonated beneath the hood. The cunning retort caught the prince off guard, nobody in all the land dared to answer back to royalty, his attitude quenched his desire to know him better.
“You sound younger than your description.” The prince eyed him suspiciously.
“My apologies,”
Tugging down his hood revealed the face of a young man, his wispy blonde hair thrashed in the breeze against his skin which was delicately kissed by freckles, his long dark eyelashes gushed with mystery.
” I am his apprentice, he sent me out on this mission to see if I can progress in my training.” He gave a wicked smirk, his lips gleamed a beautiful shade of rose.
He gestured a bow,
” Please, call me, Felix”, he continued,
” I am told my mission is to revive a pretty, young lady, is that correct?”
” Indeed.”
The prince bowed slightly in agreement, he turned, taking in a deep breath, facing down the glass coffin upon the hill, knowing his world; his kingdom was all about to change.
” The fairest of them all, you might say.”

Submitted by:

Sally kerr