Long long time ago, mother nature gave birth to her two sons, Sun and Moon. She divided the kingdoms to be fair. Sun had the fierce glow and energy to heal all the living and Moon had the cold power of purity, youthfulness and enchantment to calm the living, who could not bear the Sun. It was a perfect balance for Mother nature. But there was one thing that they could never be together, as the Sun has to bring the day and Moon has to bring the night. It was impossible for them to be together. Over time they accepted the fact that in order to survive they have to perform their duties truthfully,otherwise Mother nature will die.
Soon Sun was blessed with a son and he named him Summer and Moon was blessed with a daughter, named Winter. They grew up in different kingdoms but felt as if some part of them was missing. One day Summer and Winter met at Cupid’s garden, which could be accessed by both kingdoms only at dawn or dusk. Their eyes met and it was love at first sight. It was the impossible, that happened that day. They started meeting each other at dusk and dawn, everyday. Summer’s body use to reflect a lot of energy and power at dawn and Winter use to reflect the shimmering white beauty at dusk. Whenever they used to meet, the universe reflected the beauty of love everywhere. Unknown of the fact that they could never be together. Their kingdoms will survive only if they are separate.
One day Mother nature disclosed their secret to their fathers. It was for the better, she said, but least did she know that it would break Summer and Winter’s heart forever and will alter the future. Sun and Moon had to come together to separate them. Sun helped Moon through Lunar eclipse and Moon helped through Solar eclipse, to keep Summer & Winter separate. Their true love overpowered the eclipses, but soon they started breaking with time. They were prisoners in their own kingdoms.
One day, Mother nature visited both and convinced them that it is better for their own future kingdoms and it is their destiny and they will never be able to fight it. They can never be united. Nobody had the power to say no to Mother nature and they bowed before her decision. They sacrificed their love.
Time passed and they were throned to their own separate kingdoms. Summer – King, who grew harsh day by day and married Spring, later. The Winter Queen became harsh and cold and married Autumn after some time. That is the day, Snow Queen was born, cruel and cold at heart.

Submitted by:

Mandy Sandhu