As I stand in my palace, looking out over the great expanse of snow and ice, I begin to realise how much hurt I may have caused by taking Kay. I had a reason for taking him. But I don’t think that makes it any better.
I was in love once, it feels like such a long time ago now. Alec made me forget all my worries. He melted the ice that had formed around my heart due to the lack of love from my parents. He was my true love and best friend.
When I eventually mustered up the courage to show him the bruises and scars from my father’s beatings, he was much more sympathetic than my mother had been. Alec marched up to my father, the King, and told him that if he ever laid a finger on me again, he would reveal all his secrets. It worked. My father never so much as touched me again.
The day Alec proposed to me was by far the best day of my life. I was eighteen and my mother said I was too young to commit to one man for the rest of my life. I ignored her and said “Yes.” My father had a heart attack and died a few weeks after the proposal and I had to become Queen.
For the first few months, it felt like a dream come true: ruling the country I loved with Alec by my side. The dream soon turned into a nightmare. Alec and I often argued about the best ways to deal with issues. After a particularly bad argument, Alec stomped out into the worst storm in a century. The storm had gotten even worse and he had not returned. I sent twenty guards to bring him back safely. When they returned without him, the ice started to form around my heart again. I tried everything to stop the storm, but nothing worked. I sent more guards to search for him each day, not caring about the amount of lives I was endangering and refusing to accept that Alec was gone for good. The day I finally got past my denial was definitely the worst day of my life. I then let the ice grow to such an impenetrable thickness that it covered my body and would never melt.
When I first saw Kay, he looked like Alec so much that, for a moment, I thought Alec had come back to me. I enchanted Kay because he reminded me of my long-lost love and that made me a little happier. Now I regret everything I did to take control of Kay’s mind.
I can feel her coming, the girl whose bond with Kay may be even stronger than mine and Alec’s was. She is searching for Kay like I searched for Alec. But unlike me, she will find her best friend. I will ensure she is reunited with Kay. Though I may make her work to get him back…

Submitted by:

Lucy Parry